The Dragon Temple in Samphran (Pictures, video)

The Dragon Temple in Samphran (Pictures, video)
March 11
10:19 2016

About 40 km west of Bangkok lies the district of Samphran, where there is a rather odd-looking Wat or Buddhist temple. The temple complex has a giant golden Buddha statue and several shrines and smaller statues within, but the one that draws the eyes of tourists is a 17-storey pink tower with an enormous dragon wrapped around it.

The dragon is hollow and is possible to climb through its body all the way to the top, but the stairs are in such poor condition that only a few isolated sections of the dragon are safe to climb. Some parts of the temple are also closed to the public or to foreigners.

Located off the beaten track, Wat Samphran is rarely mentioned in guide books and remains unmarked on maps.

It’s not a big tourist attraction but many travellers who visited the temple spoke about its tranquil and spiritual atmosphere. Who designed it or when it was built is a mystery.

wat-samphran-12  The Dragon Temple in Samphran (Pictures, video) wat samphran 12wat-samphran-22  The Dragon Temple in Samphran (Pictures, video) wat samphran 22wat-samphran-32  The Dragon Temple in Samphran (Pictures, video) wat samphran 32wat-samphran-42  The Dragon Temple in Samphran (Pictures, video) wat samphran 42wat-samphran-56  The Dragon Temple in Samphran (Pictures, video) wat samphran 56

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