Asgiriya Mahanayake Thero passes away

Asgiriya Mahanayake Thero passes away
March 09
18:36 2016

The Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter of the Siam Sect, Most Venerable Galagama Sri Aththadassi Thero, who was hospitalized after suffering a fall has passed away at the Kandy Hospital a short while ago.

The Mahanayake Thero  was admitted to the Kandy Hospital this evening and was in an unconscious state reportedly due to accidentally falling within the temple.

However, he had passed away a short while ago, confirmed sources told Ada Derana.

Most Ven. Rajakeeya Panditha Galagama Dhammasiddhi Sri Dhammananda Aththadassi Thero was elected as the 21st Mahanayake Thera of the Asgiriya Chapter on May 08, 2015.

The Thero was elected after the Passing Away of Most Ven. Aggamahapanditha Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha Mahanayake Thera of the Asgiriya Chapter.

Most Venerable Galagama Sri Aththadassi Thero was born on January 11, 1922 and was ordained in 1936.He received the Upasampada in 1941.

The Mahanayake Thero is a scholar and has got through the Degree of Rajakeeya Panditha in 1947, the degree of Saddarma Thripitika and the degree of Majjima Banaka in 1950. The Mahanayake Therao was the Deputy Head of the Dharmaraja Pirivena of Matale from 1963 to 1977 and Head of the Kawatayamuna Pirivena for four years from 1977.

Most Ven. Galagama Sri Aththadassi Mahanayake Thero was formerly in charge of Mahiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya, Urulewatte temple of Asgiriya Raja Maha Viharaya and Alawwa Humbuluwa Temple. The Mahanayake Thero was involved in the ‘Thewawa’ of the Dalada Maligawa in 1981, 1999 and 2000.

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