David Beckham surprises a family with a $100000 cheque (Watch video)

David Beckham surprises a family with a $100000 cheque (Watch video)
July 26
19:33 2015

What’s better than a stranger turning up at your door with a $100,000 cheque? David Beckham turning up at your door with a $100,000 cheque. Fantastical we know, but this actually happened to one family.

David Beckham just proved he has a soccer-field-sized heart. The 40-year-old former sport star helped change the lives of a beautiful family in California.

Ryan Seacrest is once again making talk-about TV as his new show Knock Knock Live sees TV crews turn up at unsuspecting families with a whole lot of cash.

In the closing segment of Tuesday night’s premiere episode, host Seacrest explained that the soccer icon was en route to the home of the Gonzales family.

A video clip from the show, currently going viral, shows Becks knocking on the door of the unsuspecting Gonzalez family. As expected, the family completely loses it the second they see him at their front door.

The father, Victor, had been a professional soccer player in Mexico but had to give it up and take a job in construction to support his family – and he only got to see them once a month because of his work.

Seacrest revealed that Beckham, who comes from a working-class background, wanted to recognize a hard-working family similar to his own.

Beckham tells the Gonzalez family he has seven iPhones for them, adding “you don’t have to worry about paying your bills for the next 10 years.” His words are met with loud cheers and applause from the entire family. “No phone bills,” says an overjoyed Claudia.

But that’s not all. Bhe has another, bigger surprise in store for the family. We’ll just let you watch the video to find out what that is. Becks’ kind words for the Gonzalez family and their response to the special gift will definitely warm you heart.

Prepare for happy tears with this one.

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