The sea turned red: Islanders’ brutal slaughter of 250 stranded whales- (photos)

The sea turned red: Islanders’ brutal slaughter of 250 stranded whales- (photos)
July 25
09:15 2015

Horrifying scenes as fishermen chase 250 whales onto a beach in the Faroe Islands and locals leap into the water with glee to stab them to death

The brutal slaughtering of pilots whales took place at Bøur and Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands
Locals dressed in wetsuits wade into the water, and use knifes and harpoons to kill the stranded whales
Although whaling is illegal in Denmark, the annual hunt, known as the grindadráp, is allowed in the Faroe Islands


Their bodies lie beached on the dark shore, large slash marks penetrate the neck and sides of the whale as the blood mixes with the cold water.

Known as the grindadráp, the brutal slaughtering of pilots whales in the Danish owned Faroe Islands took place yesterday. As many as 250 whales were reportedly massacred on two beaches in Bøur and Tórshavn as locals used harpoons and knifes to hack the all of the pilot whales to death.


2AD0010D00000578-3173617-Killing_Locals_wade_out_in_wetsuits_and_use_ropes_to_catch_the_w-a-58_1437762253212Killing: Locals wade out in wetsuits and use ropes to catch the whales before stabbing them with knives

2ACF049A00000578-3173617-Prepared_Running_down_the_beaches_the_locals_prepare_to_drag_the-a-56_1437762253146Prepared: Running down the beaches, the locals prepare to drag the whales in and kill them

2ACFBBF500000578-3173617-Witnesses_Slain_on_the_beaches_hundreds_of_locals_come_down_to_w-a-65_1437762253812Witnesses: Slain on the beaches, hundreds of locals come down to watch the brutal slaughter

The horrific scenes were filmed by activists from Sea Shepherd, a non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation.

As the innocent whales are forced to swim towards the beaches, the locals begin to run down from the jetty towards the sea.

Realising they are unable to escape, the whales slow down as the fishermen in their power boats and dinghies begin to close in on the large school of whales.

The locals, many of whom are dressed in full wetsuits and bobble hats, wade into the water and begin to violently drag the distressed animals up the beach.

2AD0015400000578-3173617-Pool_of_blood_The_killing_scree_was_carried_out_at_two_beaches_B-a-64_1437762253665Pool of blood: The killing scree was carried out at two beaches, Bøur and Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands

No escape: After funneling the whales towards the beach, some of the fishermen use ropes to drag the remaining animals towards the waiting locals2ACFBC0000000578-3173617-Massacre_The_annual_grindadr_p_takes_place_at_the_Faroe_Islands_-a-54_1437762253053Massacre: The annual grindadráp takes place at the Faroe Islands, where whaling is not illegal but remains controversial

2AD0014E00000578-3173617-Slain_Tied_down_none_of_the_whales_are_able_to_escape_the_locals-a-66_1437762253886Slain: Tied down, none of the whales are able to escape the locals knives and harpoons and are quickly cut down

2ACFBBD900000578-3173617-Contemplating_Local_Faroese_men_reflect_in_the_bloodstained_wate-a-59_1437762253261Contemplating: Local Faroese men reflect in the bloodstained water after the horrendous hunt, which is known as the grindadráp

2ACF048700000578-3173617-Massacred_Using_harpoons_and_knives_the_stranded_pilot_whales_we-a-68_1437762254345Massacred: Using harpoons and knives, the stranded pilot whales were slaughtered on the beaches

2AD0013200000578-3173617-No_escape_Fishing_boats_and_speed_boats_encircle_the_whales_lead-a-63_1437762253477No escape: Fishing boats and speed boats encircle the whales, leading them to the beaches and waiting huntsmen

2AD0011A00000578-3173617-Arrested_Five_Sea_Shepherd_activists_were_arrested_by_police_on_-a-62_1437762253460Arrested: Five Sea Shepherd activists were arrested by police on the Faroe Islands as they tried to stop the hunt

2AD0014800000578-3173617-Extinguished_The_bodies_of_the_pilot_whales_lie_still_in_the_wat-a-61_1437762253447Extinguished: The bodies of the pilot whales lie still in the water as the islands begins to get dark in the Faroe Islands

Wyanda Lublink, captain of the Brigitte Bardot told Sea Shepherd activists that he believed two Danish naval vessels, HDMS Triton and HDMS Knud Rasmussen were in Bøur when the hunt took place.

Captain Lublink said: ‘It was perfectly clear to me that the Danish Navy was present at Bøur to guard the grindadráp, and that the slaughter would proceed with the full consent of the Danish Navy.

‘How Denmark – an anti-whaling member nation of the European Union, subject to laws prohibiting the slaughter of cetaceans – can attempt to justify its collaboration in this slaughter is incomprehensible’ he said.

2ACFBBEF00000578-3173617-Carnage_The_pilot_whale_is_not_an_endangered_species_and_has_bee-a-52_1437762253024Carnage: The pilot whale is not an endangered species and has been hunted annually in the Faroe Islands

2ACFBBE000000578-3173617-Killing_zone_Using_ropes_to_pull_the_pilot_whales_up_the_beach_t-a-67_1437762254115Killing zone: Using ropes to pull the pilot whales up the beach, the locals begin to mercilessly kill the whales

2ACF06F700000578-3173617-Sea_of_blood_The_water_quickly_turns_red_with_the_gushing_blood_-a-57_1437762253192Sea of blood: The water quickly turns red with the gushing blood from the great animal’s bodies

2ACF048100000578-3173617-Allowed_Although_whaling_is_illegal_in_Denmark_it_is_allowed_and-a-53_1437762253026Allowed: Although whaling is illegal in Denmark, it is allowed and celebrated annually in the Faroe islands

Whilst the pilot whale may not be endangered, the level of brutality and depraved violence is shocking.

The Faroese have been carrying out the annual hunt for hundreds of years, and although whaling is illegal in Denmark, it is allowed in the Faroe Islands.

All the hunted whales are used for their food, with pilot whale meat and flubber being the main products used by the Faroese.

British comedian Ricky Gervais raised awareness of the vile whale slaughter, commenting on a graphic photo on social meda: ‘Tragic whale slaughter in Faroe Islands. It’s good we’ve found a twin Earth because we’re really f**king up this one.’

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